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At the Members Ball on 8th September, the Voice Group will be awarding some amazing people with awards, but first they need nominations in the following categories
1. Overall Hero of the Month – Picked from the winners since the last members ball.
2. Special Achievement award – For a member who as achieved great things during the year or to highlight a particular success that a member or members have had?
3. Go getter award or Social Butterfly award – For a member, volunteer or staff member who has boundless enthusiasm or is really involved in SoLO activities.
4. Fundraiser award – A volunteer who has raised money for SoLO.
5. Long Service – Awards for anyone who has volunteered for SoLO for more than 10 years

So, do you know a SoLO staff member, volunteer or member who fits in any of the above categories – if you do, e.mail across to janet@solihullsolo.org the name of the person, the category that they fit and why they should be considered for the award.

Nominations need to be in by 17th August – so get thinking and nominating!


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