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What an absolutely brilliant time we had on Thursday with Sunny and Shay http://www.bbc.co.uk/sunnyandshay.wm recording live from the SoLO Daylight Project on their afternoon show.  If you want to pick it up you can do so on the above link 11/08/17 or listen below, and please take a few minutes to vote for SoLO.

The reason? SoLO has been shortlisted for their community project of the year award within the Brummies 2017 (previously known as the Pride of Birmingham Award).  The show is part of a three part showcase of the different charities that have been shortlisted and even if we don’t ultimately win the accolade, the experience yesterday was a prize in itself.

Sunny and Shay were consummate professionals but so approachable and quickly put us all at ease.  They encouraged our members to carry on as normal which was great as they were having a SoLO’s Got Talent Afternoon – how they were able to concentrate with the noise levels, I will never know.

Our guys were interviewed and, even those with communication challenges, were involved and treated with the same level of respect as everyone else which was great to witness.  The highlight for me was when one of our members who was about to leave to go home, completely ignored the fact that Sunny and Shay were interviewing Jamie, the Project Leader, and quizzed him, live on air, about what was happening the following week and what arrangements were in place – priceless!  Fortunately, Jamie was able to remember and gave her everything she needed to know.  Just love it!

Voting starts later today (Friday 11th August 5.00 pm on the bbc website http://www.bbc.co.uk/wm and will be open until Friday 18th August).  So please do share this information with all your friends and family and get voting!

How cool would it be for us to win……………………….

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