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This week was a Golden Nugget week.  When we are all in the midst of the busyness of life and the ‘nitty gritty’ day to day work, it is often easy to lose focus.

Friday evening at Sing for SoLO was a refocusing ‘Golden Nugget’ moment.


Well, it was a lovely concert – involving amazing people who have given up a huge amount of time to contribute to our cause and that is always so lovely and encouraging, but the Golden Nugget came in the form of a young person who was part of the SoLO Choir.

A year ago, she performed with the choir – I use the word ‘performed’ loosely, as she spent most of the time, on stage, with her head in her hands and, clearly, found the experience less than pleasurable.  However, with the support and guidance of an amazing dedicated, professional and skilled group of volunteers who run the SoLO Choir every week, this young lady has absolutely blossomed.  On Friday, she was confidently signing, singing and just loving the experience.

This was validated by two ladies who, with no knowledge or experience of people with a learning disability, commented to me on the amazing change that they, as part of the audience on both years, could clearly witness in this young lady.  One of the ladies commented:

“We just cannot get over the development in this young lady – you (SoLO) are doing an amazing work and we saw a small glimpse of the results tonight – keep doing what you are doing”

As we move forward and grow, we need to keep these nuggets and recognise that what happened on Friday didn’t ‘just happen’.  It was the result of years of hard work, determination, focus on quality, making hard decisions and keeping focus on what matters – our members experience.

Looking forward to the next Golden Nugget moment.

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