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Corporate Information

The latest Strategic Plan looks at how and what SoLO will do in the future to ensure that we continue to fulfil our core organisational goal:


Our members are safe and secure whilst stretched, challenged and enabled to take risks. We don’t want them excluded from society in institutional settings, but in an environment that equips them for the future building the skills and experience they need to become free-thinking people able to make choices and take control of their lives. We want all our members with a learning disability, young and old to have  the chance to experience all that life has to offer, have fun and be happy.

SoLO will be FIT for purpose

Our strategy covers the following areas:

  • Using our assets well – people, equipment and buildings
  • Geography – where we will work in the future (with a maintained presence in Solihull)
  • Supporting those without funding
  • Continuing to work with children
  • Growing our PA service
  • Developing new areas of work
  • Training and Developing our staff, volunteers and members.

It heralds the beginning of a very exciting period for SoLO……………



This section contains the main policy documents for SoLO Life Opportunities. These policies ensure that we operate safely and provide equality in everything we do.  They are reviewed on a regular basis and the latest amendments are shown in red.

Available Policy Documents

Vision and Values 2015

Adverse weather policy updated 2017

Alcohol and Drugs updated 10th October, 2014

Allocation of Places July 2016

Anti Bullying (Dignity at Work) Updated May 2015

Behaviour Management and Exclusion Jan 2016

Business Continuity Plan amended December 2016

Cancellation Policy Jan 2016

Capability updated March 2017

Challenging Bad Practice

Communication updated Feb 2017

Complaints Policy 2016

Confidentiality September 2016

Consent September 2016

Data Protection updated 3rd August 2016

DBS checking for staff and volunteers updated 28th july 2016

DBS storage handlinguse etc of disclosure information updated

DBS Policy guidelines for handling for staff updated

dealing with sick children or adults dec 2016


Emergency Treatment updated February 2016


Equal Opportunities

External staff working on SoLO Projects April 2016

Financial Internal Controls Policy Updated Jun 16

Fire Safety updated 26th April 2016

Flexible working amended 20th May version 1

Food Hygiene Policy

Health and Safety amended March 2016

Health and safety guidelines amended march 2016

Health & Safety COSHH amended March 2016

Health & Safety Display Screen Equipment amended March 2016

Health & Safety Reporting of Accidents amended March 2016

Hygiene amended March 2016

incident reporting updated february 2016

Information sharing Interagency September 2016

Information Sharing appendix A

Information Sharing appendixB

Internal Controls Jan 2016

Investment Policy March 2016

Managing Actual & Potential Aggression updated Feb 2016

Management of resources

Manual Handling amended March 2016

Marketing & Communication Policy

media policy updated november 2016

Medicines Management updated May 2016

New and Expectant Mothers at work April 2017

Notification of Death April 2016

On Call 2017

Personal Safety (Lone Working) 20th May version 1

Protection of Adults with care & support needs (Previoulsy Vulnerable adults) amended April, 2016

Quality Assurance Policy Sep 2015

Receiving of Cash or Gifts in Kind 20th May version 1

Recognition and Reward

Recruitment Policy Jan 2016

Recruitment of ex offenders policy statement

Remuneration Policy amended April 2016

Room Hire agreement

Safeguarding Policy amended April 2016 2

Sickness Absence doc updated 15th October, 2015

solo grievance policy volunteers reviewed november 2016

solo grievance policy staff reviewed november 2016

social networking november 2016

 Special Needs updated April 2016


Standards of Behaviour July 2016

Stress Management updated March 2017

Training & Development Oct 2015

  Transport & Travel amended May 2016

Trustee Code of Conduct & Conflict of Interest

Trustee Recruitment and Induction

Vexatious & Repetitive Complaints Jan 2016

Volunteering policy updated May 2016

Waiving Fees February 2017











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