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Independent Living

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SoLO sleepovers

SoLO’s sleepovers offer young people with a learning disability, regardless of the level of disability, the opportunity to have an equal opportunity to take part in ordinary, fun things that their non-disabled peers take for granted. Provided in an environment that is safe, stimulating and age appropriate, supported by trained and specialist staff, young people have the chance to ‘chill out’ with their mates, watch movies, eat popcorn, paint their nails and then after a certain degree of sleep, they make breakfast and learn what it is like to be away from home and have some independence.

And all the while this is happening, their parents are enjoying a guilt free time of respite from their caring responsibilities.

This opportunity is available for all abilities and ages (from age 8)

1-2 night weekend breaks and more

SoLO’s weekend breaks offer a variety of nights out, weekend stays and holiday breaks for young people and adults with a learning disability giving them the opportunity to socialise with their friends. During the weekend they will take part in fun activities which are appropriate for their age and geared towards what they like to do. Some examples are ‘Abba’ tribute nights, camping, ‘festival style’ events and time away at the seaside.

Parents and carers can be reassured as each break is supported by an enthusiastic an experienced staff team with a ratio that provides high quality care, aimed at promoting the independence of the individuals.

Moving On Projects

SoLO offers a 6-month programme that gives young people, aged 16 +, an opportunity to learn new skills and improve their level of independence.

The programme consists of specifically designed workshops such as; Personal Hygiene, Money Management, Travel Training (using local public transport), Cookery and Staying Healthy, Keeping Safe in the Home and Relationships.

Each carefully planned monthly event involves opportunities for the young person to experience and practice; cookery skills, domestic household chores, travel training, and support with daily living.
The monthly sessions take place over a 24 hour period and includes a sleepover.

Upon completion of the programme there is a graduation ceremony and celebration event for the participants, which parents and carers are invited to attend.

Please note – this programme is delivered from the SoLO Walnut Close base and attendance for all 6 sessions is mandatory.

What A Recent Parent Said About SoLO’s Overnight Breaks

A (name excluded for privacy) has always attended a wide range of Solo activities from a young age and so when we heard about the Overnight Breaks service we didn’t hesitate to put his name forward and we kept our fingers crossed. We were obviously thrilled when we learned A had secured a place on the new ‘Overnight Breaks’ scheme and we booked him in for all available weekends without hesitation.

He thoroughly enjoyed the first weekend, held at St Swithians House in Barston. He came home full of stories of all that he and his friends had done and how much he had done independently. Even more encouraging he was keen to maintain this level of independence at home – time (and more of these excellent Overnight Breaks) will tell!!

We appreciated the weekend to ourselves and were able to spend some quality time with each other, friends and family and we are all looking forward to the next one.

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