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Plan 4 U Solihull

Who are the Plan4U Team

The Plan4U Team is a team of experienced Facilitators trained in person centred planning, based in Solihull. Working with older children and adults with disabilities or other support needs to enable them to implement positive changes in their lives.

If you feel that you would benefit from the team’s input, referral is easy!

Plan4U Referral Form 2018

You can call them on 0121 779 3865 or email on plan4u@solihullsolo.org

Further reading:  SolO Plan 4 U Information leaflet


Support Plans

Do you or your loved one have a personal budget to help meet social care needs? (this is probably the result of a social care assessment). Are you wondering what is the best way to use the money that has been indicated as available to you? We can help you, through a support plan, to chart your wishes, work out how you would like to live your life and how you can make your personal budget work for you. The support plan is specific to you and is a flexible working plan that can change as you become more independent.


Transitional Reviews

Transition can be different things to different people. It can be viewed as an exciting time to explore new opportunities and increasing of independence or a time of anxiety and confusion when everything changes.

The Plan4U team can help to guide you through this crucial time, by planning and helping you to think about things such as:

What is important in your life?
How do you keep healthy and safe?
What are your dreams and aspirations – plans for the future?
How do you make decisions?
How do you manage change?
How do you like to be supported?

The Plan4U team are experienced, independent facilitators who can facilitate these discussions, look at the way forward and create an action plan.

Following a transitional review, we can also create a housing and support plan.


Housing and Support Information

Are you or the person you love looking to move into a new home? Are you feeling a bit worried about how to decide? If yes to these questions, then you can come to us to help you make the informed decision. We can help you decide what support you need, where you want to live and the type of place you would love to live in and if you want to live on your own or with others. It gives you a record of what you are looking for, helps to chart how well you can look after yourself and if you need support. It makes sure that you are able to shape the support to make sure it is absolutely right.

Plans for those with caring responsibilities

 Carers Trust Solihull provide trained facilitators to complete assessments and support plans for those with caring responsibilities. Further information is available from their Website. Please click on the image below.

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